1617 User Agreement


The purpose of this Agreement is to establish the rules and conditions under which an Apple iPad (1:1 device) is issued to a student enrolled at the Wyomissing Area School District (WASD).  This Agreement is for the 2016-2017 school year unless it is modified by the WASD.  The WASD student and his/her parents/guardians must understand and sign this Agreement before the student may take possession of the device.  If a student or parent/guardian does not understand any part of this Agreement, he/she should ask for an explanation or clarification.

The Purpose of the Device

The purpose of providing an electronic 1:1 device is to support and enhance the education of the WASD student.  The WASD teachers and staff will integrate technology and the 1:1 device into the curriculum when appropriate.  The 1:1 device will play a role in developing the knowledge and skills to be successful in the 21st century.

Student Responsibilities and Prohibited Use

1.      The student and parents/guardians must know that the use of the 1:1 device conveys no expectation of privacy.  WASD reserves the right to inspect, monitor, and search school owned property for the purpose of determining if any policy has been violated, or when an inspection is necessary to ensure safety and compliance with state and federal laws.

a.      Any authorized WASD staff member has the right to halt any activity involving a 1:1 device that may cause a disruption to the educational process or compromise the safety of any student.

b.      The student will provide their 1:1 device to an authorized WASD staff member immediately upon request.  The device is the property of WASD and was provided for instructional purposes. 

2.      The student must adhere to all existing WASD policies including:

a.      815 - Acceptable Use of Technology Resources/Facilities and Internet by Staff, Students, and Community Members.

b.      237 - Electronic Devices

c.       249 – Bullying / Cyberbullying

3.      Authorized WASD staff, the student, and his/her parents/guardians are the only authorized users of the 1:1 device.  Students are strictly prohibited from sharing or swapping devices/passwords.  Parents/guardians have the right to obtain their student’s password.

4.      The student will charge their 1:1 device and keyboard each day so they are ready for class.  Arriving to school without their 1:1 device (or with a 1:1 device without a charge) will have consequences similar to not having their textbook or other required educational supplies.

5.      The protection of student documents is the sole responsibility of the student.  Each student has storage space on both Microsoft and Apple servers that they may use to backup their important documents from their 1:1 device. 

6.      Students will not attempt to bypass any form of security built into the 1:1 device’s operating system or the WASD network.  Irresponsible or unlawful use of the 1:1 device will result in progressive disciplinary actions as defined by school procedures, policies, and applicable local, state, and federal laws.

7.      The following uses of the 1:1 device are prohibited – except as part of a documented educational activity:

a.      The student is prohibited from sharing passwords or devices.

b.      The student is prohibited from providing personal information about himself/herself or others on the Internet – this includes images, names, nicknames, email addresses, and other personally identifiable numbers or descriptors.

c.       The device should never be left in a car or location that experiences extreme temperatures.

d.      The device should never be used for sending or receiving personal email.

e.      The device should never be used for instant messaging applications or websites.

f.       The device should never be used for online blogging or journaling applications or websites.

g.      The device should never be used for downloading and playing games other than those allowed by WASD staff. 

h.      The device should never be used for illegal file sharing or other misuse of copyrighted material.

i.       The device should never be used for hosting web pages or as a server in any capacity.

j.       The device should never be used in any manner prohibited by a WASD staff member.

8.      The student is responsible for the physical condition of the 1:1 device.  If the device is damaged the student must report it immediately to an authorized WASD staff member.

9.      The student must not remove or attempt to remove any identifying stickers or labels adhered to the 1:1 device, or to the protective case.

Damage to Device

The device should be kept in the provided case at all times.  Accidental Damage to the device will be covered by participation in the insurance policy provided by the District.  Intentional damage to the device or case will be handle in a manner identical to damaging other school property as defined by school procedures, policies, and applicable local, state, and federal laws.  Students will be responsible for lost devices, cables, adaptors, and chargers.  Lost items will be handled as an obligation in a manner similar to a lost text book.

Administrative Control

The WASD is responsible for the administrative control of the 1:1 device. The WASD staff may observe the student’s 1:1 device at any time using lawful means. 

I fully understand that the purpose of the WASD loaning a 1:1 device is for for my instruction.

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