Principles of Family & Professional Collaboration during IEP Process
  1. Promote a relationship in which the family and professionals work together to ensure the appropriate services for the child.
  2. Recognize and respect the knowledge, skills and experience that each team member brings to the relationship.
  3.  Develop positive communication skills to create a productive atmosphere.
  4.  Acknowledge that the development of trust is a vital part of the collaborative process.
  5.  Be assertive, but not aggressive. Say what you believe without anger or emotions.
  6.  Facilitate open communication so that families and professionals feel free to express themselves. Listen to each member’s points of view.
  7.  Recognize that negotiation is essential in a collaborative relationship.
  8.  Bring to the partnership, the mutual commitment of families, professionals and others to meet the needs of children with special needs.
  9.  Always stay focused on the educational program for your child.
K. K. Bishop
Family Centered Care Network