The West Reading Elementary Center Library serves a student body of approximately 300 students in grades 5-6 and houses over 7,000 items. The library is open from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. daily and is available to students and staff who wish to use the books and other materials. Students come for library class once every six school days and may use the library before and after school. Every fall, the Wyomissing Area PTA sponsors a book fair in the library for students, parents, and faculty.

Learning Objectives for Grades 5-6

  1. Learn about library facilities, arrangement of materials, procedures for circulation, library sources available.
  2. Use the library catalog to find a particular book.
  3. Recognize and use the Dewey Decimal System of Classification.
  4. Identify and use the parts of a book: index, glossary, appendix.
  5. Understand the purpose of reference books and how various reference sources differ. Learn to choose the best source for a given purpose.
  6. Apply searching techniques to find information through the use of an identified search engine.
  7. Learn to use special topic encyclopedias, atlases and almanacs.
  8. Evaluate the quality of research information found relative to intended purpose. Understand the need to read and assimilate that information in order to write a summary/report. Know the concept of plagiarism and how to avoid it.
  9. Understand that a bibliography is a tool for finding related books/resources. Use an annotated bibliography to choose resources. Learn to create bibliographies.
  10. Through book talks, learn about authors and genre, including tall tales, folk tales, fables, fairy tales, myths, and legends.
  11. Understand the process of writing/publishing, with a focus on the roles of author and illustrator.
  12. Self-select books for a particular purpose, based on reading level, interest and/or assignment, with increasing levels of independence.
  13. Enjoy books by listening/reading for pleasure and appreciation of literature.

Library Services

A developmental program of library instruction is begun in the elementary school and continued through grade 12.

The elementary library program serves as an introduction to basic library concepts and skills. These concepts and library services are expanded and developed as students use and become familiar with the resources of the library. Every six-day cycle, all classes, kindergarten through sixth grade, are scheduled for one period of library skills instruction and recreational reading.

The program of instruction is carefully planned and integrated within the school curriculum in grades 7-12 in cooperation with faculty. The use of library resources and the mastery of library skills are developed through constant use and application. All planned courses of study incorporate library skills in their written curriculum.

Students are guided in the skills of research and encouraged to read for enjoyment. Through supervised library usage, the students become skillful and discriminating users of print, non-print, and computer resources. The librarians work cooperatively with the classroom teachers in the development of curriculum and the design of activities to support that curriculum. In addition, librarians support administrators, faculty, and staff in the selection and use of all types of library materials to supplement and enrich the educational environment.