Withdrawal Information

A parent/guardian must contact the WREC main office 610.374.0739 x5201 and give a 24-hour business day notice of their intent to withdraw a student.

The following things need to be done PRIOR to the parent's scheduled appointment:


  • The student needs to return all school property and pay obligations.
  • Empty desk and return their their books to appropriate teachers.
  • Pay off all outstanding obligations to the WREC main office.

Upon notification of a student withdrawal the following process will be implemented:

An email will go out to West Reading Elementary Center Faculty and Staff, requesting that up to date grades and all outstanding obligation information such as text books, cafeteria charges, library fines and classroom materials be sent to the main office by the end of the school day.

The parent/guardian will schedule a time to come to the main office and complete appropriate paperwork. Parents will be asked to sign a "Withdrawal from School" form and a "Permission to Release Records" form, at their SCHEDULED appointment, after all school property has been returned and all obligations have been met.