Board Goals


  • Implement a robust Superintendent Evaluation process which will include updates on goals, with consideration of supporting data and documents, student achievement, culture and climate surveys.
  • Continue to promote community and school partnerships and strengthen a culture of trust and respect among staff, students and community.  The Board will develop and consistently follow policies.
  • Board members will engage in team building activities twice yearly and a minimum of two PSBA training modules to strengthen their knowledge of school governance and promote collaboration, trust and improved communication to better serve the District.  The Board will also be represented at the annual PSBA conference.
  • Implement long-term finance and facility plans to ensure responsibility, strength and efficient utilization of District resources.  These plans will be supported by a K-12 feasibility study.
  • Coordinate and foster social, emotional and academic-directed instruction and school-wide focus to promote safe, supportive and engaging climates for learning.