Registration & Physicals

Fall Sports Registration

The Wyomissing Area Athletic Department will open Fall Sports Registration for all students currently in grades 6 – 11 on June 1st through a new digital platform, PlanetHS.  This new platform will allow parents and student(s), to complete and access athletic forms via computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is HIPAA, COPPA and FERPA compliant. 
Please, before you begin, read the below attachments. (The Wyomissing Area Kick Off Letter and PHS Parent & Student Getting Started Guide).  This is a new platform and it is important that you are familiar with how it works. 

Please click here for Introductory Pre-Participation Athletic Forms
Please click here for the Athletic Pre-Participation Getting Started Guide (Parent & Student)
Please click here for the PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation

Here are a few important things to note:
BOTH the parent/guardian AND student-athlete MUST create accounts. (1 account for the parent/guardian and 1 account for the student-athlete)
There are a few fields that are required but you may not be able to answer.  In these fields, please type in “None”.  For example, your student-athlete may not participate in a fall, winter and spring sport or may not have any medical conditions or allergies.  In those required fields, please type in “None”.  (If your student-athlete only plays a fall sport, type in “None” in winter and spring).
PlanetHS allows you to change the language from English to the language of your choice.  At the top right of the screen, click on the arrow by your login name and then click “select language”.
Once you create your account, you must link your account with your student-athlete(s) account(s) by either email or cell phone number.
Once you are linked with your student-athlete, you will be able to complete all of the required PIAA forms, as well as the required WASD forms.  (Students can be linked to multiple parent/guardian accounts and parents/guardians can be linked to multiple student accounts.  Each parent/guardian and student account must use individual email or phone number to login.)
You will need to print sections 5 and 6 and take both of those forms to the doctor in order to receive a physical.
Once you have the completed physical from the doctor DATED AFTER JUNE 1st, 2020 (section 6), your student-athlete will login to their account and upload the physical.  Your student-athlete will simply take a picture of the physical with their/your phone and upload it to their account.  (if you/your student-athlete do not have the ability to take a picture of their physical with a phone, please have your student-athlete bring their physical form to the athletic department and speak with Mrs. Auman once we return to school).
For future reference, we now have the ability to change/update your login information.  If you forget your login or password, please email
Fall sports physicals are due BEFORE Friday, August 7th!!  Please make sure that your student-athletes physical is uploaded to their account on PlanetHS and that all other required forms in both of your accounts have been completed and signed.  Remember, you will not turn anything into the high school office; all paperwork should be uploaded to the student-athletes account.
**Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation, there may be some changes regarding the fall season.  As soon as we become aware of any changes, we will communicate to you in a timely manner.**