Reopening Plan F.A.Q.s


This page will be updated to include general questions we receive with answers that provide information for community members.  

Answers will be revised when additional information becomes available.

August 4, 2020

What has been decided regarding the opening of schools for the 2020-21 school year?

On July 27th the Board of School Directors approved the Health and Safety Plan.  A blended or hybrid  model, which combines in-person and virtual education, was approved to start the 2020-21 school year and is detailed in the Plan.

Will I have the option for my child to receive virtual instruction? 

Yes.  All parents/guardians can elect to have their child enroll with the Wyomissing Area Virtual Education (WAVE) Program. This K-12 virtual education program will be supported by our teachers and counselors, and allow parents/guardians the flexibility to enroll/unenroll on a quarterly basis, knowing circumstances can change. WASD will also provide devices and technology support for students who enroll in WAVE.   Additional information on WAVE will be sent to all parents and posted on the District website.  We have used feedback received from students, staff, and parents in the distance learning survey we implemented last May to help us strengthen our services and support.

If I wasn't able to attend the July 27th meeting, is information available? 

Yes. The PowerPoint presentation and WASD Health and Safety Plan are posted on the District website Under 2020-2021 Planning & Updates and can be accessed at the following link:    

Who contributed to help the District develop the Health and Safety Plan?

• Advisory Groups – These groups were comprised of staff members, Administration, and Community members who worked to develop recommendations in several key areas. All Board members served on one or more of these groups. Please click here for additional information on our Advisory Groups.
• Parent/Guardian Survey – We received responses from 939 parents/guardians from July 7-14, 2020. Please click here view the survey results.
• Regulatory Guidance – We are closely following the guidance we continue to receive from Governor Wolf, the PA Department of Health, the PA Department of Education, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA).
• Medical Professionals – We are pleased to share that physicians and other medical professionals from Penn State Health and Tower Health are serving as part of our team and guiding our Health and Safety Plan. In addition, our school nurses and consulting physician also contributed to the development of our District’s plan. These professionals have helped us develop plans which use best practices such as social distancing, face coverings, symptom screening, cleaning/disinfection, hand-washing, training for staff, and emergency procedures. These items are addressed in the Health and Safety Plan.

Has a decision been made regarding interscholastic sports and extra-curricular activities? 

No. We expect to receive additional guidance from the PIAA and DOH regarding sports and extra-curricular activities. The Board approved this plan on June 29th to guide summer workouts and will revise the WASD Athletic Department Reentry Plan for Sports and ExtraCurricular Activities when additional information is available.

Will WASD provide orientation sessions and other August events for students?

Yes. Principals will send revised information to parents/guardians regarding school orientation activities and other August events. These communications will include revisions to the format for the sessions as well as any/all safety precautions in place for participants. 

Will changes to the District’s Plan need to be made after July 27th?

Most likely yes. We continue to receive updates and guidance each week from Governor Wolf, PDE, DOH, CDC, and the PIAA. As guidance is updated regarding COVID-19, it is likely our plans will need to be revised to support the updated information. Any subsequent changes to the Health and Safety Plan require approval from the Board of School Directors, will be posted on our District website, and emailed to parents/guardians.

Who should I contact with questions?

A communication was sent to all parents/guardians on July 29, 2020 which included information and personnel to contact with questions.  This communication, and other information relative to reopening our schools is available on our District website at the following link:

Will students be able to attend the Berks Career and Technology Center (BCTC)? 

Yes.  The BCTC is not governed by the Wyomissing Area School District and must create their own Health and Safety Plan.  If the BCTC plan includes in-person or blended instruction at the East or West Campuses, WASD will work with BCTC to provide this opportunity for our students.  If BCTC elects to provide virtual instruction only, WASD will work with BCTC to link our interested students to their virtual program.  Our JSHS Administration will send additional updates to parents/guardians when this information is available.  Please use the following link to access the BCTC website:

 In the WASD Hybrid Model, will family members be assigned to school on the same days?

Yes.  WASD is assigning students to days for in-person education for grades K-12 based on a split of last names (A-K and L-Z).  Students who reside in the same household, but do not share the same last name, will be assigned together using the last name of the oldest registered child.

 What happens if a student is out sick on one of their two in-person days?

Students may only attend in-person school on their assigned day.  They may access lessons asynchronously if a day is missed.

 Will all courses be available in the WAVE model?

 At the secondary level students will have access to the courses in their original schedule.

 Will Wyomissing JH/SH continue the grading system it used in the Spring?

 No. The Board approved grading system will be used.

What are the options for learning?  Is there an option for full in-person learning?

  • Hybrid - 2 days in-person / 3 days virtual

  • Full time virtual - WAVE (5 days at home)

  • No option for full in-person learning to reopen the school year

Can I switch my student to the Hybrid program at the end of each quarter if my student starts in the virtual program?


For the Hybrid plan, will the students whose last names fall in the first half of the alphabet attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays, and those whose names fall in the last half of the alphabet attend on Thursdays and Fridays?

 Yes, A-K will attend on Monday/Tuesday; L-Z will attend on Thursday/Friday.